Michael’s​ Pressure Washing is fully licensed and insured

Michael's​ Pressure Washing offers both a residential and commercial exterior cleaning service.

We based our exterior cleaning service in Waycross, which ensures we are centrally located in Southeast Georgia and therefor closer to all our clients.

Michael's​ Pressure Washing is experienced in all types of cleaning operations.

Although Pressure Washing is within our name we offer different cleaning methods, because you don't want to use a sledge hammer to crack a nut.

Currently we service approximately 8,000 sq. miles as shown below, however we will travel further

There will be an additional fee out of this area, but it will vary.

A Professional, Dependable & Friendly Service

Michael's Pressure Washing takes great care in our cleaning process that several other company’s don’t.

  • We genuinely care about your property, and for this reason, take numerous steps to help protect it from any damage.
  • Anything the service area that could get damaged during the cleaning process wherever possible we wrap and protect.
  • We adjust our pressure to avoid removing paint, or damaging your homes finish.
  • Once we're finished, we clean up and remove debris and second rinse all the areas being serviced.
  • We only use professional grade hoses that do not leave black marks.


  • Our cleaning products are safe for pets and children plus environmentally friendly.
  • We don’t leave behind sticky, soapy residue to attract grime, and dirt, so your property will stay clean much longer.
  • Our products will not damage any vegetation, or any other type of landscaping.